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The Poetry Picturebook Series


The Poetry Picturebook Series is an ongoing series of photography and poetry books inspired by Lara's love of nature and the written word. The very first book On Nature and Humanity explored connections between the natural world and the larger narrative of human behavior. 


On Insects and Flowers (With a Blue Bird Named Bob!) was created for the littlest of readers in the hopes that they too would fall in love with the wonderful world of nature. Children and their parents are invited to follow Bob the Blue Bird around a colorful garden filled with important insects and brightly colored flowers. Each page includes a photograph, easy-to-read poetry, and a fun fact about the subject matter.


Lara also recently published her third book On Stories and Their Morals, an 80 page photography book that includes poetry and a "moral to the story." This book was inspired by her Instagram followers who engage with her and her work often. 

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For the little readers in your life, check out this fun and informative poetry and photography book! Follow Bob the Blue bird around a colorful garden and learn all about insects and flowers.

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To order, click the image above!

Are you a teacher or school administrator interested in a fun event for your students? Lara ​will bring her photographs and photography books to your classroom for a fun-filled informative presentation. This also includes a book reading, most suitable for children ages 3-6.


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